Isabella T. Oklahoma

Save Our Schools

Public school funding is low and inconsistent because of varying property tax incomes.

Dear Future President,

There is a major problem in the United States that I feel has been sadly overlooked. It is our public school funding. A lot of other people and I strongly believe that this is a major issue that shouldn’t just be swept under the rug, but actually taken care of and fast.

Most public schools in America have very little money, and this is because of the public school funding system. The system works and depends solely on a thing known as property tax. Now to some people this system works well and they’re not that affected, but those are the people who are able to pay their property taxes. But what about the people who can’t pay it or pay very little in property taxes? What happens to their schools? Well, those people's schools will be run down and very much in need of repair and the teachers are most likely not the best. So because of this system many children’s education has to suffer. This system is becoming a growing problem as unemployment rises the money starts to dwindle to the point where most schools in a state are suffering the effects. Also, paying for a child to go to school is not cheap. A survey done by the U.S. census bureau shows that a national average cost per student in Elementary through High School is $11,841, and that is a lot of money that most schools of today don’t have.

Many people believe that this is just a state problem and it is, but every state is having a problem. Therefore makes it a nationwide problem that with a bit of hard work can be solved. For example, a superintendent of Jennings school district in Missouri is not only a superintendent but also a crosswalk lady. They have to do this because of the lack of staff employees. Something that states could try and do is to spend less money on the more financially stable districts and give some of that money to the poorer districts, Or maybe the federal government could help and give a little more money to public schools. I believe if we come together there could be so many ways this problem could be solved, the question is will we go through with it?

For our future President, I would hope that this problem will become one of the main priorities to fix in this nation. Because if we don’t fix it, our future is at stake. So let’s all come together to finally put this problem to rest.


Isabella T. 

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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