Assael C. Oklahoma


Immigration reform would do this country good and give many deserving immigrants a chance

Dear Future President,

     There are many problems with the immigration system we have right now. The immigration laws are not good enough for the the great country that is the United States of America. The system we have is broken and it tears families apart, which is not correct. Immigration reform would do this country good and give many deserving immigrants a chance. 

     Immigration reform would benefit some companies.  According to McClain, "giving the 11 million people in the country without legal status a path to citizenship will create jobs and end the 'de facto' amnesty they currently have." Passing a reform would reduce the unemployment rate and give people that need jobs a job. An undocumented immigrant should be able to have the opportunity to get out of the shadows and work freely. Immigration reform would give many deserving undocumented immigrants a chance in this country. 

     Tearing families apart by deporting family members is not a correct thing to do. Most immigrants work daily to support their families. Yes, sometimes they break the law, but they only do it because their native country does not give the same opportunities that our country gives. They deserve to be treated better because they are also human beings. If that were to happen to a loved one of yours, you would be distraught and try to do anything to get them back. These hardworking immigrants should not have to go through that. According to Time, "Immigrants helped put build at least 40% of this country." People from all over the world have helped this country. 

     Immigration reform would not only benefit companies and the immigrants, but it would also benefit the economy greatly. According to La Prensa, "immigration reform would lift immigrant families out of poverty. In 1990 27% of IRCA immigrants lived under the poverty line, and by 2006 only 15% did. Reform would also bring $30 to $36 billion in tax revenues which would do this country good." These statistics show that immigration reform would benefit the households of immigrants and it would help the economy out too. It would not only help immigrants but it would help all the U.S citizens. 

     These Immigrants should not have to face discrimination because of their status or color. They deserve to have the same treatment as everybody else in the country. They come here to live a better life, and to give a their children a better life and more opportunities than they had. Their children do not deserve to witness their parents face the problems they face because of their status. I would like to ask you to help immigrants out by making immigration reform a possibility in this country. It would bring so many benefits for this country and I think it's time.



East Central High School - Tulsa

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