Alixcia Oklahoma

LGBT Acceptance

Even though same-sex marriage has been legalized, there is still strong opposition. The US needs to come together to guarantee their safety.

Dear Future President,

People all over the world have accepted others sexuality towards the same-sex. Even though many people are ok with LGBT (Lesbians,Gays,Bisexuals,Transgenders) others still consider it as “disgusting” or a “sin”. But the reality of the situation is, that if it’s not a man and a woman getting married then it’s just wrong. However, I think it shouldn’t matter, to individuals love each other same-sex or not, they should always have the right to get married. We should do our part and help keep legalized marriage for LGBTs.

Support for marriage equality is at a record-high 60%, but plenty of Americans remain strongly opposed, according to different organizations. To solve this problem the government should help create a community to ensure that LGBT people can live openly without discrimination and enjoy equal rights, autonomy, and freedom of expression and association. A good example would be the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). They have a long history of defending the LGBT community. They have also brought their first LGBT case in 1936 and founded the LGBT Project in 1986. Today, the ACLU brings more LGBT cases and advocacy initiatives than any other national organization does. So if we come and join together as a unit and create communities similar to this, then we will more than likely have a huge impact on society.

This year was a massive tragedy, especially for LGBT people. The mass shooting that took place in Orlando, killing at least 50 people and wounding 53 others, was not only the worst such incident in U.S history but also a seemingly targeted attack on the LGBT community. You also have to wonder if those who haven’t been allies will recognize our common humanity. Florida Gov. Rick Scott,who hasn’t always been LGBT-friendly, became emotional when speaking at a press conference about the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. “It’s devastating when you see how many people lost their life,and just the impact it’s gonna have on their families- I mean,I’ve got kids and grandkids- can’t imagine,” he said,choking up.

LGBT people are scared of how far others will go to stop or even kill them for being who they are. If we as people can lend a hand, we can change not only society point of view but history itself. So if you have a voice,speak up. We can change humanity for the better.


Alixcia O.  

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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