John M. Oklahoma

Police Brutality

Police brutality is an ongoing problem, when it shouldn't be something we should have issues with.

Dear Next President,

Police brutality is a growing problem and I believe you can do something about this.  I believe that if you do these things, you can reduce police brutality. According to The Washington Post, "nearly a thousand times this year, an american police officer has shot and killed a civilian."

This shouldn't be a problem. There's no excuse for it. The police are supposed to protect the public from harm, but how are people supposed to trust the police if they're the ones shooting and killing civilians? Another example is officer Mearkle. As reported in The Washington Post, She killed Kassick over an expired inspection sticker on his car. Yes, an expired inspection sticker on his car. One more example is officer Jody Ledoux. He shot and killed Raymond Martinez, a 51-year old homeless man because Ledoux thought Martinez was reaching for a gun while really Martinez was reaching for his phone.

Like I said before, these things should not be a problem. We need to have classes and training to help cops cope with these kinds of situations. Also there should be no judgment on a person just because of their skin or social orientation. One more thing you could do is support tagging officers that have violated rules of being a cop and refuse further training.

I know that all cops aren't bad and that a lot of them are good. But I do believe we should enforce these things so there will be very little chance of police brutality. Police brutality shouldn't be a problem. Period. The United States is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. We can't be that if we can't even fix this kind of problem. 

These are things that I believe and I think could change police brutality. I believe you need to enforce harsher policies on police officers. Better training programs for cops. Also have a background check on future officers. These are things that I believe you should be enforcing as the next president of this great country, America. 



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