lizzy b. Colorado


Dear President,

Hello my name is Elizabeth, I am 13 years old and I live in Colorado. Wanted to ask you if you can help this smelly, fat, gross, school lunches. Also the food just looks nasty. I Think that we should deserve a five star meal. I mean we do work all day and it kinda sucks to go into the lunchroom and get this food.

When i'm done with my work and i'm ready to eat i go to lunch room ready to eat and Instead of that five star meal I get a oily pizza, chicken nuggets that are cold, sandwiches that have FAKE MEAT, and fruit that is ripe or too old. I would like to eat real food, not food that's FAKE. I want a meal not food that to cold, oily, fake, and to ripe or too old. I my a five star meal.

After i'm done with class we all go into the lunchroom ready to eat. We all get in the lunchroom standing in line. As I get my food(let's say I got a pizza) I take a look at the pizza and it has all that nasty oil. I thought we were supposed to get a healthy meal and I don't think that one gallon of oil on a pizza is considered healthy. So then I go sit at my table refusing to eat this pizza. Then I go outside. Hungry, Because I don't want to eat that food. I honestly don't think that it's from this planet.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth Bare