Jesus A. Oklahoma

College Costs Too Much

The number one reason high school graduates do not bother to think about the idea of going to college is the fact that the costs of college are too high.

Dear Future President,

First and foremost I want to gladly congratulate you on winning the presidential election, I have no doubt that you will be and extraordinary president as well as a great leader for this nation. Thereafter, I would like to discuss an issue that had and continues to be one of Americas greatest issues school-wise, that is college costs being to high. Most of the students that do not attend a college is because of the fear of having a forever life debt. In most of the cases students and their parents do not have enough money to pay for a college loan or to even to enter college, to buy supplies, etc. Another factor that contributes to the decline in college populations is being a foreigner. There are ideas to encourage students to attend college and that way become someone successful in school asas in life.

Attending to college is very important if you want a well paying job, but to get there there are many struggles you have to go through before. Student loans are very helpful but you can and up in debt many years after graduating from college. That is why many recently high school graduated students reconsider going to college and end up not doing it, if college costed less I would be more affordable for mostly everyone. Every student nationwide would be able to attend college without any hesitation.  Students could go to some of the most prestigious universities in America like Harvard, Yale,  etc. Of course those universities would probably have higher expectations in order for someone to study there. For example, not having a lower grade than a B.

One of the hardest positions, in my opinion, for some students is being a foreigner. First generation foreign student have the hardest time in school, no matter if it's college, high school, or middle school, including elementary. One example that I can think of is Hispanics, as first generation Hispanics are less likely to be successful in college due to being scaredof being in debt with the "country". Yovani Gomez is a freshman in college who was going to start paying ten thousand dollars, but instead he obtained a scholarship for a community college in the area where he lives, the debt went down to seven thousand instead of ten thousand. Yovani's parents are scared of him dropping out of college due to his complains of school being 'too hard, too much responsibility, and too much money". He's basically having the same struggles that any freshman in college would have. 

Is being in debt really worth it? In my opinion yes, it could be worth it, especially  if the cost of college wasn't so high families might be able to afford it. There could be special payments for people needing them; for example, there's a type of payments where after a certain amount of years the debt is forgiven and you will owe nothing. That could be very helpful for people that are in debt for up to thirty years. According to a newspaper source written on Wednesday, February 1, President. Obama wanted to boost loans from 1  billion to 8 billion dollars, and colleges that fail to reduce costs will lose federal aid. An additional 155 million would be "earmarked to help colleges find ways to increase their productivity'.

There are many ways to go increase college populations.  We just have to find them; we have to find a way to increase successful people; we have to find a way to let students be less "scared" to attend college. 

East Central High School - Tulsa

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