Kylie L. Ohio


Bullying is a very bad thing that needs to be fixed, but with the help of you, Mr./Mrs.President, you can help.

Dear Future President,

Bullying affects every victim going through it. Even though I am under the age to vote, I still go to school and listen to presentations about this every year. I know that this is a huge problem worldwide, not only in my country. I understand the concept of bullying,and the consequences. However, there is still things that I probably do not know about it. While many still get bullied, it is not a tolerable act at any school. This reminds us that bullying is an act that really hurts the lives of children.

Bullying can be caused in many ways. The bully has been bullied themselves and need someone to make themselves feel stronger,or the target they pick on is very reserved, not being able to stand up for themselves. “Shy kids are often good targets since they won’t stand up for themselves and will not go speak with an adult.” Bullies have a reason for being mean to someone, they don’t just do it for no reason. Bullying is a pretty common thing,“20-30% of children are bullied in school.” Parents need to be aware of this because “younger children often suffer more than older kids.” Children hide their feelings more, and don’t like to tell their parents what is happening at school.

The bullies can face serious discipline. Discipline in the school may even get you expelled. When a victim gets bullied,many who are quiet and have problems standing up for themselves, don’t speak up. The bully only does this to “get attention from other kids and adults.” That only makes the bully want to pick on them more, especially if you show emotion, because they know that they are getting you. One thing to do is to “stop,and get away from the situation.” Many cases of bullying often end up with the victim either suffering through depression, or even in worst cases, they commit suicide. Bullies may use harmful words and make the victim feel insecure about themselves. In school, kids are more focused if the bully is going to pick on them at lunch or wherever the case usually occurs. Due to this, they don't pay attention to the teacher which “often leads to a decrease in grades.” They end up worrying all day about getting picked on by the bully, so the last thing they think about doing is school work.

The problem itself can be resolved in many ways. The victim should stand up for themselves, or tell an adult. Although, “Anxious children are big targets,” if you are a witness of bullying,you are not innocent. Speak up.If you are watching what is going on, aren’t you actually helping the bully out? You don’t need to be mean about it, just take your friend and walk away,and tell a trusted adult. If you do this, there is absolutely no possible way that you can get into trouble. Parents should also be aware, “such as signs of grades dropping,constant stomachaches, and constant crying.” I understand it may be hard to stand up for yourself, but the bully will more than likely stop if you do.

It’s all up to you Mr./Mrs. President if you want to take a stand on something that could really improve the lives of young kids in school. Bullying is a very serious issue. People highlight the fact that bullying can help you stand up for yourself, but ignore that victims suffer through it, or harm themselves. Reminding us that if you witness a victim being bullied, you need to tell a trusted adult. Will kids still get bullied for many generations? Will it ever improve? Education is only improving, why not make it greater? Mr./Mrs. President, why not help out the lives of young children, and make education in our country even better?



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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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