Chris DelValle Pennsylvania

Issue With Gun Control in America

Ms. Dickerson's English 3 Honors Class

Christopher DelValle


7th Period


Dear Next President,

My name is Christopher DelValle and I am a student at Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia and I have an issue with the Gun Control laws because I feel as though these laws will corrupt Americans as a whole. Whomever wins this election I would like you to address this situation. For one, it is against our rights and 2nd Ammendment. U.S. citizens have all the rights to bear arms and controlling that right is unpatriotic. The Gun Control laws infringe on the right to self-defense. Another thing is that Gun Control laws will not prevent criminals from obtaining weapons, same as how unlicensed criminals obtain any gun they want. So with that illegal or not, criminals will always find a way to get guns. Gun Control laws will most likely cause the government to be tyrants. Gun Control laws will turn America into a tyrant nation, they will also prevent us from defending ourselves, and make criminals more dangerous.

Every American Citizen has a right to defend themselves, correct? That goes for any type of self-defense. The most effective way to insure our safety is to use a firearm. Banning or limiting our use of firearms can and will lessen our chances of being safe and protected. Home invasions and armed robberies can scar families for a long time. Owning a gun in the home deter crime and thwart it. Criminals refrain from even trying to break into a home in fear of being shot by an armed citizen. Also, an armed citizen can stop crime in progress preventing injury or theft. Politicians, mainly the Democratic Party, want to take the guns from innocent citizens that have no criminal background at all. This will make us, citizens, defenseless against an armed robbery and the only thing we can rely on is the mercy of the criminal. Criminals will always find a way to gather weapons such as firearms to commit their crimes and Gun Control will leave the innocent defenseless.

A lot of criminals use guns to commit their crimes. You cannot legally own a firearm if you have a criminal background, yet these criminals still find their way to get their hands on one. What makes you think that Gun Control laws will lessen the chances of numerous amount of crimes when these said criminals have their guns illegally. One of my friends a while back was robbed at gunpoint with nothing to defend himself with. He lost all credit cards, money, identification cards, social security, etc. This would not have happened if he had a gun. So to have the government take away all of our guns will cause more events like what happened to my friend. Also take the mass murderings of Columbine and Sandy Hook as example of people finding a way to obtain weapons even though they have no license. The Columbine perpetrators were 18 and 17 years of age both not eligible to be licensed for firearms somehow got their hands on them anyway and killed innocent 13 people and injured 24 others. Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook shooting, was only 20 years old when he killed innocent children with a deadly firearm. Gun Control laws will not prevent less crime, it will only put more fear in the innocents’ hearts due to the fact they have no protection. The only people who will defend the U.S. citizens if this law is finalized are the government. That will give them too much power over us, having us rely on them for everything including protection when they see best fit.

The government taking our guns will eventually turn America into what we have fought to not have, which is a tyrannical nation. Tyranny is what Americans fought to have eradicated, we fought for rights and freedom. To have are guns taken away from the government will give them too much power over the people and ruin America. History will repeat itself if guns are prohibited. If this act of tyranny occurs it won’t be long before citizens start finding ways to obtain weapons like the criminals have been doing and turn on the government. Imagine the citizens at war with government because there is too much restriction to the people and overall power for the government. America will fall apart if such a thing occurs. If the people win, there will most likely be anarchy, and if the government wins there might not be enough people to control. Either way America will not be the Land of the Free. Instead it will be the Land of Captivity.

With this being said, Mr./Mrs President do you really care about the people? Would you agree with taking our best source of protection and equality away from us? Rights give us the equality with the government and to take one of our rights away will cause inequality. Thus being said, equality and liberty is what gave the United States of America its name. We would not be “United” like it says it the name. There will be only 3 social classes if Gun Control takes part; The People, The Criminals and The Tyrant Government. Do you want to ruin America and lead a broken country or keep this nation healthy and functioning and be praised for your leadership? It wouldn’t be a very sagacious decision to take our guns for “safety measures”. This decision will be irrevocable and you will be known as the president who destroyed America.