Colton H. Iowa

Kneeling in the National Anthem

Kneeling is disrespectful.

Dear Future President,

I would like to address something that’s becoming an issue for people serving our nation. Professional athletes should not be allowed to kneel during the National Anthem for reasons of the race because the National Anthem is about how our country is free and honors the people who serve our country.

We don’t cherish the freedom and rights that our country gave to us. Colin Kaepernick is one of those people who doesn't care about the people who served the country to keep it safe. Players should have to stand for the national anthem. These multimillion dollar athletes just think for themselves not anyone else who has fallen to fight for our country. There needs to be something done to make these players stand for our country. They should be fined or have suspension.

According to the Guardian, “Obama is the only one defending Kaepernick telling him he agrees there’s racial criticism in the U.S. right now”. The point of the National Anthem is about how our country is free and honors the people who serve our country. Kaepernick is expressing his freedoms as sung in the last line in the National Anthem, “For the land of the free, and the home of the brave”.

There is nothing to do with racial disrespect so therefore the NFL needs to do something about players kneeling during games. The president needs to enforce things that are happening with racial disrespect so it can stop. The national anthem has nothing to do with our country. According to Boston Globe, statistics show that people think athletes should be punished it’s an embarrassment.

Furthermore, the national anthem was first played in during a major league baseball game to give the soldiers and the people in World War I comfort. Now since 9/11 the national anthem in a lot of sporting events it has become more of tradition. The action has a large group of people embarrassed in this country. This group is questioning why the players act so rudely to the people serving right now. It shows right now that Democrats agree with Kaepernick in his decisions, and then Republicans are totally disgusted in how this becoming a thing that a lot of people are doing.

In conclusion, these athletes need to give respect to our country and not to the media and themselves. I believe that something should be done with this issue in the U.S. The players who protest need to be fined or suspended. These players need to show respect during the National Anthem.


Colton Harberts