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Immigration Problems

There are thoughts to pass and enforce new immigration laws that may trigger a similar reaction to the Arizona Immigration laws passed in 2010.

Dear President,

Back in 2010, Arizona passed a new immigration law to stop rampant illegal immigration into their state. This particular law was passed with bipartisan support. Owner of the Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver, despised this law along with many others. They believed that this law was racially insensitive. Robert Sarver used his team to make a political statement regarding this law. They had special jerseys made to protest the law. The Suns decided as a team to wear the jerseys against the Spurs in their NBA playoff game and it happened to be on Cinco De Mayo. This was in no doubt by anyone a political statement by Robert Sarver and the Phoenix Suns.

If you take a look at the actual laws that were passed in Arizona in 2010 that angered so many people, it sounds a lot like the kind of stuff that some people would like to do today. People want anyone who illegally crosses the border to be deported right back out of the country immediately. The problem with that is determining and locating the illegal immigrants and the legal immigrants. In one of the Arizona laws that was mutually hated by many, they could arrest an immigrant with probable cause of illegal immigration. I can almost guarantee that the same thing will happen if the government tries to pull that off. I agreed with the protests in Arizona and I would protest if laws like that were passed by the next president. 

One of the other steps to that people claim to keep illegal immigration under control is to reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of American workers, keeping immigration levels within historic norms. There are so many pro athletes who have immigrated from other countries throughout history and current athletes who will not be happy at all about that. Pretty much every person somewhere along their line of ancestry was at one point and immigrant. Almost everyone who lives in America immigrated from a different country and it was most likely for jobs. Most people still identify by their ancestors nationality or their origin. It would not be fair to give the immigrants coming to America a disadvantage of getting a job here and giving the American the job for no better reason than to prevent people from wanting to live in America. Everyone should have an equal chance at getting a job in America whether you are an immigrant or not.  This favoring of Americans over immigrants that people want to do goes against what the United States was supposed to be in the first place, which was a country welcoming of all nationalities. If the president ever passed laws like that against immigrants, the people and I would not be happy. 

If there is anything I’ve learned about history, it is that history repeats itself. So if anyone tries to enforce what the claims that have been made told, then there will be many protests. If laws to just deport anyone you think is an illegal immigrant are passed then there will be great outrage and anger by many in America including me. It would also be so unfair to people immigrating to America to not get jobs because they are immigrants. That is just flat out racist and unfair. Protest would be bound to break out if any of these laws were passed because it happened once in Arizona with the Phoenix Suns and what people want to do is higher scale than just Arizona. These laws are just bad ideas and should not be passed or enforced.