kaleb Wisconsin

Should NCAA Athletes Get Paid?

I think that college athletes should get paid due to the amount of time and effort that they put in.

Dear President,

   My name is Kaleb Kinna i am a 9th grade student at Craig high school in Janesville Wisconsin. I play baseball I have been playing baseball for 10 years. My goals are to continue playing baseball in high school then go pay for a big college. I want to play for the university of Arizona. And eventually play for the Cubs.

    I think that NCAA athletes should get paid for many reasons.First, Paying the athletes would make the sports more competitive.Secondly, I think that they should also get paid for the amount of time and effort that they put in.Third, I think that they should get paid because of the price of school.Fourth, they should get paid for how much ESPN gets paid to have them on their show.Fifth, They should get paid due how dangerous some of the sport have had many deaths and serous injuries over the years.Those are some of the reasons why i think that NCAA athletes should get paid.



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