Jaila P.

Gun Violence

In this letter to the next president I evoke the issues of police killing innocent young African Americans and the consequences of there actions are not acceptable.

October 20,2016

Dear Future President,

Imagine if you got a phone call saying one of your family members got shot by the police. It would be terrifying right,because you dont know why and what happened you have negative thoughts crossing your mind asking god why, why this person.Also not knowing how to react to this problem because you never thought it would happen.So many cops are killing innocent african american lives because of somethig called’’ self defense’’.These cops think the only self defene solution is threatening someone with a gun.Thinking that every young african american man is a threat to their lives .But actually they’re the ones threntening us with our lives.With 194 african americans kiiled by police so far this year at a rate of 4.86 deaths per million, wouldnt you think anybody could be next.This is why we need to act fast and work together to stop these tradgedies from hapening .To tell the polive to stop killing our innocent people.

The United States has the highest rate of gun violence among developed countries.Americans own way more guns than anybody else in the world.”More than 30,000 people in the U.S are killed by firearms each year,about ⅔ of which are suicides according to the (centers for disease control and prevention).For example,”there has been 93 U.S gun related deaths in 72 hours ,not even including Orlando”. People lives are in danger and families because children are growing up without a dad or brother that they did have at one point if there lives.Innocent young people are losing their lives and not being able to live their lives to their full potential .This is an important issue because anybody could be next because of careless mistakes being done by cops.Now men women have to think twice before reaching for something or saying something because they will automatically think its treat to their lives.

There are events being held at different locations around philadelphia where people come talk about their tragedies of losing someone over a gun incident or about gun violence period. This website (www.apa.org) is where they show the certain locations of these evnts.In addition ‘’Smart Guns’’can be invented that are personaized guns that are desighned to be useless unless unlocked by radio signal or voice activation. This could prevent the hundreds of thousands guns stolen every year.Also gun accidents reduced,especially among children and suicidal teenagers would be prevented from being able to access their parent's gun.Dear next president,please understand my deep concern of gun violence and how police automatically think to shot us when they see us as a threat . Please just try passing this law of smart guns, I think it will reduce a lot of issues and save more innocent black lives.


Jaila Price