Reiah North Dakota

School should start later!

A students future might depend on how much sleep they get. If school started as little as 30 minutes earlier, grades would improve, car crashes would be reduced, and there would be less crime.

Dear Future President,

This is a topic that should seriously be considered. If school started even just 30 minutes earlier, grades should improve and car crashes would be reduced by 13%.

Just think, a student’s SAT’s and SET’s can determine their future. A student might not be able to go to college all because they were tired on the day that they took their SAT or SET tests. The amount of sleep a student gets could determine their whole future.

Teens need an average of 8 ½ to 9 ½ hours of sleep, yet 2/3 of high school students get less than 7 hours of sleep. 33% of teens report falling asleep in class. Now you might be thinking that they can just go to sleep earlier, but in reality, students have sports, jobs, or homework that they have to attend to. It’s more likely for kids to get up later than go to sleep earlier.

Insufficient sleep in teens is associated with obesity, migraines, and illness. Those are all things that most people want to prevent. Having a migraine can also affect your school work and so can being sick. Also sleep deprived students participate in more violence and crime than other students.

Drowsiness in students contributes to more than 100,000 car crashes per year. All of these issues are things that can be prevented and solved by school starting as little as 30 minutes later.

Do you really want to watch kids fail in school all because they’re too tired to concentrate? I know that school starting later would be a big help to students, including me.

Yours Truly,