Laura Rodriguez . Texas

Illegal immigrants

Giving illegal immigrants a chance to live in the US

Dear Future President ,

Why is America called the land of opportunity ? If an immigrant searching for a better life doesn't have a chance to stay in the United States without being rushed back immediately .  

This issue is very common in America affects thousands of illegal families , in the US . Seperating them from their loved ones ,taking away everything they've earned or simply worked hard for . Most argue that illegal immigrants should not have the right to stay here simply because they are not welcomed , don't belong ,or  take up space or even talk about how immigrants take American citizens jobs' . Some say they broke the law by Illegaly being here in the first place so why should they get prized by staying in the US ?  . But who are we ? , to really deny someone's hopes and dreams of becoming someone in life , or the freedom or better job they look for  

Immigrant laborers , yes  amnesty the act passed by a federal government which grants immunity from immigration laws to undocumented immigrants currently living in the US .  Do you not find it fair ?  Illegal immigrants having some type of act that reassure them a temporary stay as long as they can prove employment and are willing to pay taxes , and will like any other American citizen obey the laws .  A person who is not from  here , but has a clean , good record should be able to stay here . 

  Take Dr.Quiñones as an example grew up poor in Mexicali , Mexico. First born child of six , with no opportunity in Mexico due to many reasons from no work to not enough study research .   When he got to the United States  by illegally crossing the boarder , it was a hard life for him obstacles such as a place to live  to where to work , he later on received a scholarship to the university of California  Berkeley after many years working in the fields .  Later on got encouraged to by his mentor and director to apply to Harvard Medical School , and got accepted now is a well known neurosurgeon  who hopes to find a cure for cancer and many other  Illnesses .  

Coming from a family who has relatives and friends as illegal immigrants it's hard , I've experienced what they've lived it's bad and not something anybody would like to go through . So to see a change in our country would be more than amazing , would  give illegal immigrants a voice for once . 

Galena Park High School

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