Donato Texas

This Can't be Right

Some stuff surprises me, but this blows my mind. How is it legal to take the life of a new born. God blesses the woman with the baby for a reason, because it's a blessing to have a baby and you're just going to go ahead and get an abortion.

Dear President ,

Abortions, no one likes them , no one agrees with them yet so many woman decide to take that path. People don't have the right to take life away of anybody, especially a child, yet they are 1.1 million U.S abortions this year. Knowing that 22 % of pregnancies end in an abortion truly disgust me, and I truly fear for what our people have come too. Even if the woman does not want the baby for wathever reason she should put it up for adoption.

How can pretty much killing someone be legal because that's what an abortion is. I personally think that the woman do it because of them simply not wanting the kid, " money" in most cases is what the woman say to be the issue. Invalid argument  you truly don't need money to raise a child you have so many people around you that would love to help you with the baby, you could ask your grandmother or cousins or your parents 9 times out 10 would help you.

The saddest part is most women getting an abortion are under the age of 25. So young yet so unintelligent, worst part is about starting young is you have a tendency to re-do what you previously did because no one stopped you and no one told you it was wrong. So of course 50 % of the woman seeking an abortion now had a previous abortion. With you now in the office I hope you take in this issue and make the difference.