Cain Gutierrez. Texas

Today's School System

The School System from one hundred years ago is no different from today's School system.

Dear future President

     In the past century the United States has improved many technologies that has helped millions of Americans. Unfortunately, Today's Education System has not change from the Education System of one hundred years ago. Today's School System is killing creativity and individuality. Studies have found that the School System was made to train people to work in factories which explains why they put students in straight rolls nice and neat and tell them to sit still, Raise their hand if they need to speak, And make them compete to get an A. Every student has different levels of understanding, What the school system does is that they set "Labels" on kids for one being smarter than other. For Example, If a doctor prescribes the exact same medicine to all his patients the results would be tragic, When it comes to school it is the exact same thing. If a teacher stands in a classroom with 25 kids each one with different levels of understandings, Different skills, And different dreams, Teaching the same thing, The same way will also give tragic results. Teachers are a big help to our society and yet they are underpaid?. Teachers should earn just as much as doctors. A doctor can do heart surgery and save the life of a kid but a great teacher can reach the heart of that kid and change his life. The world has progressed, we've achieve many goals. Now we need people who think creatively and independently with the ability to connect. No more common core, instead let's reach the core of every heart in class. Let's focus more in collaboration instead of competition.