Amelia S. Missouri

Second Amendment Rights

Dear Future President, With being president, I know you have many responsibilities. I understand you can’t cover everything everyone asks, but an important issue that I believe needs to be addressed is our second amendment rights. I don’t believe that the government should be able to come and steal mine and my family’s guns and ammo. Guns are very important in my town of Camdenton, Missouri. There’s always a large hunting season, and there’s always someone you know that has a gun in the back of their truck during deer season, getting tater tots from Sonic. You must not understand that while many people are being stupid with guns in big cities, most people in small towns are using the weapons to get deer and turkey for food, and to protect themselves. With all that is going on in the world today, from riots to terrorists, people in towns like mine are wanting to be prepared. If some ISIS maniac comes to town, then my family is sure to have a gun or two in hand to protect ourselves. If you take away our guns, how will we protect ourselves from things like that? I don’t think I can throw a book or a butter knife and kill the guy if he’s got a gun and I don’t. Not everyone can afford plentiful food, so hunting season is relied on and enjoyed a lot. There are close to 270 to 310 million guns in the United States alone; that’s enough for a gun for every man, woman, and child. How do you think you’re going to take away all of those guns? Sincerely, Amelia Schaefer

Camdenton Middle School

Journalism ACI

An area of career interest class in which students research a variety of small and large scale news stories and write their own news articles. These articles are then published in the local newspaper, The Lake Sun. Students are also beginning to create news broadcasts of their stories to send to our local PBS station.

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