Nagee S.

Gun Violence

In this letter, I assert that gun violence is a horrible and tragic problem in our country. The U.S has the most frequent deaths due to gun violence.


Dear Next President,

It is too easy for anyone to get a hold of a gun from anywhere in the U.S. On average, 91 Americans die from gun violence in the U.S. The United States has the largest gun ownership rate in the world. The gun rate here in the United States is 88.8%. This is too high! We’ve been suffering for quite some time now and all of our attention as well as the President.

According to "Heeding God’s Call", 283 million guns estimated guns have gotten into civilian hands in the U.S. Here is a quote from CNN about gun homicides. “Last year, 12,942 Americans died from gun violence”. Since 1981 there was a dramatic change in child deaths. Accidental child deaths have decreased and purposeful child deaths from handguns has increased rapidly over the year. With that amount, that’s a 10.54 gun rate percent every 100,000 person.

There were 33,599 reported gun deaths in 2014 in America (Green/Sauerteig). The people living in the U.S are all affected, including myself. Anyone can get a hold of a gun and get killed by a gun. People on the no fly lists are still able to purchase guns. This should be prohibited. People should not be getting killed everyday in the U.S as a result of preventable violence.

Instead of giving felons who committed gun crimes a few years in prison, they should get life or close to life. This is my argument because these "laws" are constantly being broken and the law enforcement hasn't done anything about it. I believe that all gun stores should be shut down and gun sales should be controlled by the police. I feel that if we can restrict access to firearms, then the gun rate can decrease. The “gun law” is just like air, everyone is exposed to it.

Next President please hear the sad voices of families, which have been effected by gun violence. Make it more difficult for people to get guns.


Nagee S. 

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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