David Pennsylvania


Bullying is a problem world wide and we have to stop it.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

Bullying is a problem world wide, Kids all across America and the world are being bullied for many reasons.The definition of a bully is forcing someone to do what he/she wants.They also make fun of people on how they dress and act. Everyone should be themselves and to not let anyone change how they are.

One reason I think that bullying should be stopped is because many kids each year hurt themselves or even commit suicide because of bullying. Also during class they wont be able to concentrate because they are scared and thinking about the bully all the time.

They also get scared and aren't as social as most people. They also have a hard time making friends.Bullying should become a law or the bullies should be punished.

I hope that the future president reads this, and if you do read this letter please stop bullying all across America.