Rebekah J. Alabama

The Effects of Gun Control

How Gun Control is Detrimental to Our Country

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Gun control is taking away our Second Amendment right. Every day more that 1,500 people die of cancer. Only 289 people are shot a day in America. So are we going to outlaw cancer in this nation? Are we going to arrest anyone who has cancer? That would be illogical and against human rights. Using gun control for political gain infringes upon my basic human right as an American citizen. 

People will get firearms illegally. No gun control measure will stop criminals from obtaining illegal guns. Guns are not the problem; the owners are. Why would you blame a car that was used by a drunk driver in a  car accident where people were killed. You would not blame the car: you would blame the driver. So why would you blame the gun?

Respectfully yours,