Dear Mr./Mrs. President, Today, Abortion is one of the largest murdering plans in the world. Every day around 125,000 children are killed. I know that several people believe that it is the woman’s choice if she allows her baby to live, but this should not be a choice. This problem has caused controversy between the citizens and national government for a long time and now it is time to realize the truth. From the moment of conception, a baby is a human being. In Louisiana, in order to have an abortion a woman must first listen to the heartbeat of the child she is about to kill. If the heartbeat of a child can be heard how can the government say the child is not living? A man is charged with double-man slaughter whenever he stabs a pregnant women and kills her and her child. The child had not been born yet, but he is still charged for the murder of the child. Why is this any different from abortion? Abortion is the intentional killing of a child. Millions of woman regret aborting their child afterwards. If we are going to stay true to the pledge of allegiance of our beloved country. We state “with liberty and justice for all” in the United States Pledge of Allegiance. Why, then do we not act on this in everyday life. Several families are without a child because of medical reasons, while others are killing their children. Woman upon woman are having abortions because they think it is the only option. The adoption process is becoming harder and harder so those who want to adopt normally do not have the means or requirements. As president, you could fix this process and restrict the accessibility to abortions. Babies cannot speak for themselves so others need to speak for them. Works Cited Woman regret abortions Yours truly, Meredith