Jenna S. Illinois

Gun Control

Why gun control laws need to be more strict, and higher age requirement in order to get a gun.

Dear Future President,

You need to find a purpose in gun control rights and take a strong lead in order to limit the deaths from firearms. Not only would controlling gun control rights decrease homicides, it would also decrease suicide from firearms. This could potentially lower the number of deaths in the USA, which will give people more time to live their lives. And so, gun control rights need to be limited in order for the public to be safer, but in order for that to happen, you would have to put our people through a longer process in order to get a gun.

In order to get a gun, instead of being 18 like in some states, you should meet the age requirement of at least 25, since that’s when the rational part of the brain is fully developed. So, an adult would be able to make rational decisions and decide what to do and to consider the consequences if they do decide to get a gun.

In order to get a gun, it should take at least two to three months, including background checks, previous jobs, if you’ve ever had a job, how you’ve been fired, and closest family members and friends. It should also include why you want it, and where you’re planning to keep it. There should be a lock with a key, or a password in order to unlock it. You should bring the key with you at all times. And, although this might seem invasive, it’s worth it to save at least some lives. But, this is just an example to what I’m trying to get at, of course it cannot seem this extreme unless you take it slowly.

Besides, guns are the leading cause of homicide and suicide, so it would make sense to put more laws on who can have a firearm or not.

You must make gun control laws or America is going to have even more shootings. Just don’t mess this up. 

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 3/4

Ms. McGovern's Period 3/4 ELA Class

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