Madison North Carolina

Gun rights

Guns have been around longer in the nation than most of us, so why do people want to take guns away?

Dear Mr President,

I am a 13 year old student, and my concern for this letter is gun control. I’m sure most people in America own at least one gun, maybe more and the people don’t want them for harm. They just want them to protect themselves from robbers, zombies, aliens, etc. well most people at least.

What i found interesting is , they always do a background check in stores before giving someone a gun. It’s not just shootings that are affecting the gun control issue, racial issues have also made their way into the problem. Somehow they have, maybe because of shootings that have been going on, or the cops apparently “shooting african americans for no reason”. But according to the new york times the best defense we have against criminals are guns.

My personal experience with guns, well i’m a hunter, i love hunting it’s my favorite thing to do besides softball. I love hunting, and shooting for fun and target practice. I remember one night when i was in the 6th grade, and i woke up in the middle of the night to hear my mom yelling outside. (we have a dog she needs the bathroom at random times in the night) However she wasn’t yelling at my dog she was yelling at a man who came walking out of our carport. Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal it’s just the way my carport is set up, my backyard is fenced in and my backyard leads into my carport. So besides getting in through my backyard the only other way to get into my carport is from the street. So i woke up and got my 16 gauge, and walked outside. (note: My guns are always loaded but on safety.) However by the time i got out there the guy was long gone.

People think that taking away gun rights will solve the problem, no it won’t i already know for a fact that it will only lead to more problems. And now according to the new york times people think that taking away the cops guns is a good idea. All i have to say to that is are you stupid? Cops need to have protection on them incase someone does have a gun and attempts to fire at them. Cops are the people who need the protection of guns more than anyone, especially with the world now a days. Going back to african americans being shot by cops, on one issue the guy had a gun in his dashboard and he was going to reach for his dashboard to get his “papers”. If i would’ve been the cop i would’ve shot him too. And another story, a cop pulled a guy over and shot him, the whole nation went crazy because everyone thought he was just reading a book , but when cops investigated there was no book found on the scene however there was a gun. Cops need their guns for protection.

So it’s up to you mr.president, do you want to take away guns rights and cause a huge problem? Or leave them and it will still only be a small problem in the nation. And i get everyone has their own opinion of the story, but you have to think about both sides. And my side is that they should stay because guns have been around this nation longer than me and you. It’s up to you mr.president our nation is in your hands.


Madison, Daniels

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