Lulia W. Illinois

The Fate of Our Country

Many issues in America require the attention of many people in America.

Dear Donald Trump,

I hope you know exactly what you brought yourself up to. The title of President of the United States holds a weight down on many shoulders. While in office, many improvements to the United States are destined to be created. I urge you to keep your mind open to new ideas. A phrase that may help you is, every common tradition, word, or act was an unusual idea at some point in time. New ideas are made at every moment of the day by students, toddlers, teachers, adults, and politicians. Anyone from any walk of life has an opinion and it should be listened to.

First off, please pay attention to the men and women brought into the service of being a police officer. The system does not seem to take training seriously considering they can not seem to handle a large black man, or even young boy. If an officer lacks the ability to handle their adrenaline during a situation where a black man gives no indication to having a firearm, maybe it is about time to reconsider the skill sets required to be granted a position. Cosmetologists take two years to get an education for their profession while a police officer only needs 19 weeks to six months of training to obtain the ability to work for the country. Along with longer training, the system needs strenuous tests to determine whether or not someone is racist, sexist, or feel religious hatred towards others. Obviously, the task to protect communities is an important job, so take it seriously.

On the topic of racism, please take steps to remove it from a country that was built upon the oppression of people other than white males. Citizens take many measures to speak out against people who acknowledge the inequality and lack of equity in this country. No matter what race a human is, the color of their skin and stereotypes created by the media should not influence their opportunities in life. I understand years of history makes it hard to stop discriminating against your fellow people of the world, but I am fairly sure you can make the best of it, Trump. Furthermore, it may prove to be difficult to feel sympathy for others who constantly face the injustices of prejudice, but there comes a time in everybody’s life where they must push aside a lifetime of glancing sideways at people and believing in supremacy. Recognize the souls of people speak louder than their skin tone.

While helping America work on its longtime issue of racism, it would be beneficial to the country if the media ended their negative portrayal of Muslim people. As many people can agree with, Muslims  do not deserve the persecution that has come about as an effect of your election. Women’s hijabs are being pulled off of their heads by strangers in public as an act of discrimination against their religion. The side of America that fears the people of Islam has shown itself. Just a heads up, many groups of people are terrorists, so if you want to restrict the passage of Muslims and keep a closer eye on them, maybe you should pay further attention to all other religious groups as well.

Another topic, gender equality. The wage gap is unacceptable and deserves the attention of the government. Women are often violated and are not respected by the men of America. Is this really how we want our daughters to see the world? Little boys should not look at girls with distaste or disrespect, because of the influences around them (ex: family, friends, media, etc.). Little girls deserve a happy childhood where they do not have to worry about their future as a time of their life where they will constantly experience violation. It is sickening.

The last issue I will talk about is education. The country needs to get rid of its school system. It is completely outdated and needs immediate reform. Additionally, it is scientifically proven that students can not perform their best when they are sleep deprived. This sleep deprivation is a product of the early school days and copious amounts of homework. No family deserves to be cheated by the the public school system.

Hopefully, this letter addressed enough issues and while I have many others I would love to speak on, this letter has to end at some point.


Lulia W.