Luke M. Illinois

Animals Have Souls 2

The overview of animal cruelty

Dear Future President:

Every 60 seconds another animal is abused. These ways include dog fighting, animal hoarding, puppy mills, and horse slaughter, farm animal welfare, cockfighting, and greyhound racing. You might not know what some of these are but they all can kill, injure, or be inhumane. These examples can sound harmless but they are all deadly in their own way.

Dog fighting is the most common type of abuse. It can happen anywhere, from a back alley to an arena built for it. It is brutal sport made for entertainment and profit. The fights can result in death to the dogs, usually the fights don’t last until death but the dogs usually would succumb to their injuries after the fight. As we people say “dog is a man’s best friend”, but what did they do to deserve this punishment.

94% of Americans agreed that animals raised for food should live a life free from abuse and cruelty. They are only doing doing the work for profit, so why would they care for the welfare of the animals. They have food stamps that say that they are following standards of the farm animal welfare, but only some of them do follow the guidelines. Most of the meat, eggs, milk, or any other animal products have come of a factory. Also factory farms are up to 90% of the global warming/climate change.

To stop this we the USA will have to work together, we could make a new division for animal welfare. Some animals in the factories never see the sun, dogs are killed and injured every day from fights, puppies are mistreated every day in puppy mills. What did we do to deserve these amazing animals for pets and we treat them like this? 

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 5/6

Ms. McGovern's Period 5/6 ELA Class

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