Brianna Illinois

Your Plans for Immigration


Dear Donald J. Trump,

As the President-elect of the United States, what will you do for our country? Specifically, with the immigration "problem". Immigration itself isn't problem. Legal immigrants are not a problem, illegal immigrants are. 

Immigration benefits both America and the immigrants. America flourished and became more and more populous with immigrants. It was introduced to more cultures and religions. At one point or another, our ancestors were immigrants. Immigrants can have many opportunities in the U.S. They can receive proper health care, children can learn better education, and adults can better jobs. 

Illegal immigration does cause many problems for America. Illegal immigrants can take jobs from Americans, they can mess up the economy, and they can disturb educations systems. Schools around the country can get crowded and face some sort of budget cut, because of the illegal kids/immigrants. Illegal immigrants can take advantage of the benefits America gives to its people as well. 

Not all immigrants are criminals like many people say. Most just want better lives for themselves and families, so they turn to America. America allows its people to have great and beneficial opportunities. 

From, Brianna