Ally M. Illinois

Why Illegal Immigration is horrible for the United States and is the most important issue of today.

The United States has been facing increasing problems with illegal immigration that have gone on for too long. Illegal immigration is the issue that the future president should address first.

Dear Future President,

Illegal immigration is the most important issue America faces today. The next president’s first priority must be closing the borders to the United States and fixing the illegal immigration problem.

America is suppose to be a country of justice and fairness. Some immigrants wait patiently for legal citizenship for years but illegal immigrants skip the line coming into the United States without being sent back. The numbers of illegal immigrants trying to make their way into our country are at the highest yet according to Washington Times author Stephen Dinan. More than 68,000 “family units,” have been caught so far and if more illegal immigrants come through the border then 2016 will beat 2014’s record. On the alternative side citizenship for those immigrants patiently waiting in line can take a minimum of five years according to In 2016 illegal immigrants are skipping the border to America far too easily while immigrants are stuck waiting for a long time to enter the United States.

There are millions of unemployed citizens and millions of employed illegal immigrants. This can be quite frustrating to America’s citizens when they lose a job to a ‘line cutter.’Why should American citizens lose a job oppurtunity to an illegal immigrant? Americans need jobs to live and when companies give jobs to someone undeserving it simply isn’t fair. “44 million Americans are on food stamps. 47 million Americans are living in poverty. We just can’t take in a whole lot of extra workers right now.” States a writer from The next president needs to insure that America’s citizens needs are the ones put first.

Illegal immigrants may never pay state taxes either according to,“The vast majority of illegal immigrants pay absolutely no federal or state income taxes and they never intend to. At the same time, they seem more than happy to take advantage of the free social services and benefits offered to them.” The United States has been far to lose with illegal immigrants. If the nation's citizens heard about how most illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes there would be an outrage. If more people are using a resource then what is being paid for taxes could surge or an economic downfall could occur. A future president would not want economic distress and which is why this needs to be addressed immediately.

Illegal Immigrants hurt America by depriving citizens and other immigrants of their rights. The next president needs to be aware that Illegal immigration is the most important issue today and should be solved as a first act in presidency. 

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 3/4

Ms. McGovern's Period 3/4 ELA Class

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