Alejandra R. Illinois

Gender Neutral Restrooms

There is a new topic waiting to become a law, as well as one of the main points the new president needs to work on once they get to office. The need for gender neutral bathrooms are increasing. They can make lives of the transgender community less stressful.

Dear future president,

People of the transgender community are faced with harassment no matter what facilities they choose to use. This is why gender neutral bathrooms are mandatory for the American society to function properly.

Part of being president is to ensure all students can have equal opportunities, without being discriminated against or unable to get a good education. A proper learning environment consists of a safe place. If a student were to be unable to change or use the bathroom in a place that they don’t feel comfortable in, it can have a negative impact on their learning.

Though, people are not only affected in schools; gender neutral bathrooms are necessary in all public places. Studies show that many people who do not identify with their biological gender are diagnosed with anxiety that is a cause of not only restrooms, but with just being accepted in general. Not only would gender neutral bathrooms bring awareness, but it would lessen the anxiety that people face.

Recently, more and more awareness has been brought to the issue of gender neutral bathrooms and transphobia, and the people are waiting for something to be done. There is a law protecting the rights of genders, but it does not specifically touch on gender identification. This law could be altered and revised to fit in with recent issues, or there could even be an entirely new law only pertaining to gender identification and the rights of people that are transgender. This law could specifically state what was already said in the other law; that you cannot discriminate job applicants or employees based on gender religion etc. but you also cannot harass them in any public facilities. The protection of people are crucial, it isn’t right to ensure safety to some people when others cannot have access to that same security.

As the new president of the United States, it is a responsibility to establish security and comfort towards the transgender community. Gender neutral bathrooms are a step towards that goal. 

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 3/4

Ms. McGovern's Period 3/4 ELA Class

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