Deanna C. Kentucky

Animal Rights

Stop Cruelty to Animals

Dear Next President, 

I have always wanted to be a veterinarian every since grade 3. I have always had a special place in my heart for animals and i believe that they should have rights of their own, as we do. I have seen so many articles and commercials about animal abusing and testing, and I'm sick of it. Animals are tiny loving and furry pets. They should be treated with love and care, not hate and used as an experiment. Its unfair towards them, they grow weaker and die slower when used or abused. I believe that if you can't love and care for an animal then you should never get it in the first place, yet I see videos of people dropping off animals and leaving them. They abandon an animal thats been with them for a long amount of time and then suddenly gets dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Most animals that get dropped off won't be able to live on their own because they were raised by humans since they were born. Animal rights should be a thing because there are so many animals dying for no reason, sometimes they get killed for fun, and that's not right. None of this is right. I am a big animal person and I have been concerned about this subject for years. I don't plan to stop fighting for their rights until something is done about it.