Lacie M Kentucky

Gun Control in the United States

The wrong people are getting their hands on guns and then hurting themselves or others which is unacceptable.

Dear future president,

   An important issue to me is gun control. More and more people are getting their hands on guns and then hurting themselves or others. That's not okay. For example, a kid brought 2 guns to my school and put everyone in danger. No one felt safe or secure like they should. A gun was found on the playground of an elementary school and another kid brought a gun to their school in my area. People should be and feel safe in their environment and not be paranoid about criminals with guns. I hope that you can fix the background check system that has already been in place for years. Please don't let gun-abusers, or ex-felons get their hands on a gun again, and better inform people how to keep their guns safe and secure so the wrong hands don't take them.

   I hope you fix the background check system. As you can see the system isn't helping much. People are getting guns more and more easily and that should stop. Several months ago a man walked into a night club in Florida with a gun and shot a bunch of people. 50 people died because of that incident. That's starting to happen more and more. It isn't acceptable and should stop immediately. People shouldn't have to worry about being killed when they're having fun. I don't feel safe and secure wherever I am now that there are criminals with guns running around. So I hope the system is soon fixed.

   I hope you can help enforce the laws that will put dangerous violent criminals behind bars. Plus I hope that you make sure they can't get their hands on a gun again.  I hope that because once someone does something bad like that, they shouldn't be trusted with weapons again. They could just as well do it again once they are off the hook. They probably did that crime to get money so they might want to do it again. They can earn back their other rights and everything but once they abuse the right to own a gun, they shouldn't get a gun again.

   Another thing that worries me is the number of gangs out on the street.  I hope you can create laws that will wipe out the violent gangs.  Do you know how those gang members got their guns?  Not through legal purchase and background checks.  They get them from other people illegally or they steal them.  For example, remember the student I mentioned that brought two guns to my school?  It turns out the student stole those guns from a police officer.  It worries me that too many people are getting guns. We need to better inform gun buyers on how to keep their guns safe and secure. So I hope you can do just that.

   Thank you so much for reading my letter. I hope you can help solve the problem of gun control in America. I want children, including me, to feel safe in their schools. Citizens should feel safe when walking on the streets. People should be able to go out and enjoy themselves, have fun, and not worry about getting shot.

Sincerely, Lacie




Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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