Vanessa D. Kentucky

Discrimination Against LGBT

Fairness should be available for all

Dear Presidential Candidates,

Recently, I read many different letters about either Abortion, Racism, LGBT Discrimination, Deportation and Police Brutality. Of these topics, the one that seemed the most important to me, was LGBT Discrimination. In my opinion LGBT discrimination is a really big problem in society. I feel like when it comes to talking about this subject everyone really doesn't like to because they think its gross or a problem to be gay, bi, lesbian or transgender.

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are being treated unfairly for being lesbian, bi, gay or transgender. For example, many face being fired from their job, being kicked out of their house/apartment, not being able to use public accommodations or not even being able to get a education. For example, Captain Jacob Eleazer of the Army National Guard, almost faced being discharged just for being transgender. But why?  His commander supported him and they were about to reward him with a medal. I think the real reason people have a problem with it is because the bible states its wrong to be with or have sexual relations between you and the same sex.

In the future, I really hope everyone can treat each other fairly instead of treating LGBT people like they're gross, weird or freakish just because they're different. Really, everyone is the same no matter how much we don't want to admit it. Something needs to change. For instance, I think we should pass a law that makes sure LGBTs can't be mistreated by anyone, anything or anywhere they may go.

P.S. I really think everyone sees a better future for our nation but that'll only really happen if we take charge now and fix the problems we may have in the world now.

Vanessa D.