Risha P. Kentucky

Gun Control

Gun control is a issue that needs to be solved. Here is a letter to you, future president, on why and how you can solve the gun control issue.

Dear future president,

                                        I am one of the children writing to you about an issue that you should solve. I never noticed that there were so many! One issue that I want to address and solve is gun control. In my opinion this is one of the most important issues that we have been facing in recent times. How, and why, would you solve this issue?

                   One reason that we should have gun control is that too many people are killing other people with guns. This is also called homicide. This is also an important issue because, according to Wikipedia on gun violence, 8,855 homicide were in the US with 6,371 of them caused by guns. Also, most murders or violence's are caused by guns. You can solve this problem by either reducing gun sales, increasing regulations at gun shows, or having background checks on all gun buyers.

                    Another reason to have gun control is because of increasing suicide rates. When people have problems in life they attempt to do suicide and when they have access to guns, it is easy for them to end their life. According to Wikipedia, in 2012 64%, which is majority, of the gun violence's were suicides. This means that a large number of guns are used just for suicide. This is really bad which is why we should fix this problem by increasing regulations at gun shows, gun sales, and having more background checks on gun buyers.

                   You should solve the gun control issue mainly because of the issue with child accidents. Children don't know what they are doing and accidently shoot people.  According to many cites, including USA Today, children find guns hidden at home and either want to show it off or cant resist the urge to use it. According to USA Today, a child had to show off a gun to another child and ended up shooting the other child in the neck causing him to die. This is a huge problem that must be solved. You can solve this by increasing regulations at gun shows and sales. Also, parents should practice safety measures to keep guns out of their kids reach.

                   In conclusion, we should solve gun control, which is a huge issue in many different ways. This will solve homicide, suicide, and children accidents with guns. Homicide and suicide are mainly caused by guns. We can solve these problems by having more regulations at gun shows, gun sales, and having more background checks on gun buyers. So, future president, I hope you take my recommendations and use them to solve gun violence's.



Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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