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How to fix Gun Issues in the U.S.

I am writing to the future president of the United State about my problems and thoughts on the issue of gun control.

  Dear, future president of the United States

   Today I will be writing to you on my issues and thoughts on gun control i hope you take it into consideration . I have big plan on how to improve thing all you have to do is listen and consider it.

   First off i just want to say if you want the United States to be a safer place to live in i think you should consider changing the minimum age for gun possession.I think you should try and change the minimum age to about 30 years old. I  think this because at the age of eighteen people are not the most responsible but after time and experience they become more responsible and know their wrongs and rights better.That means they know how to use their guns responsibly and know when it's necessary to use or not. Here are some reasons why i think you should consider changing the minimum age to own a gun from eighteen to thirty.

    Second thing is i think that people not just in the United States but all around the world don't need guns.The only people who need guns are officers and the FBI but they need to use it responsibly as well.My reasoning's for this is because many people have been killed because of guns but if they didn't sell guns to everyone about half of the people that died would still be alive.If guns were not sold to everyone less people would go to jail and less family's would cry about family's and friend's  of their's that lost there lives because of guns. Here you have why i think you should consider banning guns.

  Last thing i think you should consider is having a more improved background check. I think this because sometimes the background checks are not always accurate so you need  to do about seven tests on the person before letting them purchase a gun.You never really know the reasons why someone wants a gun so to make sure everyone is safe. So to do that you make more ways to check to see if the person is eligible and will use it responsibly. That's it for now  if you want your people to feel safe take my idea into consideration.

    There you have it some of my thoughts on things and how i want to fix them but to do that i need your help all you have to do is consider my idea's.

                                                                                                                     Love ,Dorcas M.



Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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