Meagan C. Kentucky

Student Debt

College expenses are difficult for students to pay for and create a large amount of debt.

Dear Future President,

          There are many struggles facing America and its citizens in today's society. One of which is college student debt. Students are taught and encouraged from the second they enter high school to go to college and get a degree. Most students want to fulfill this goal but have complications; a big one being money and their finances.

           At the time that students start applying for college, they are only working at minimum wage jobs or sometimes they don't have a job at all. This makes it a challenge to pay for their first year of college tuition let alone all four years. Furthermore putting the pressure on the students' parents or guardians to pay for their education which isn't easy considering they have many other things to pay for and they may not have money in their budget to pay for a good college.

          Knowledge is free. It only cost a student's time and effort in order to learn and better themselves. The government offers free public schooling for students which is helpful for them to begin learning but at the end of the day most careers require somewhat of a college degree. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that college should be free. There are many people out there that may not want to attend college or that are not dedicated enough for the task. Making students pay proves their dedication to education and that they truly want to have a successful career. I'm stating that the amount of money that college costs should be less.

         After a student receives their college diploma, most of the time they still don't have their tuition paid off. It's hard to balance college and a job so college students don't earn that much money to pay over the course of their classes. Leaving them in debt for years after they've graduated. By making college tuition less students wouldn't have to worry about the expenses years after they're not students.

         In conclusion, debt is a problem all across America. In fact, it's become something that America is known for and it's normal for the average American to be in debt. We can reduce an amount of this debt by lessening the amount of money spent on a college degree It would help students that have financial problems, students wouldn't have college debt for years after, and knowledge should not have such a high cost.


                                                                                                                                  Meagan Compton