Travis Pennsylvania


Let's help the Syrian refugees.

Dear Next President,

Terrorism has been going on for years now. How would you like to feel if you are in danger all of the time? These people who believe in a different religion than the terrorists feel this way all of the time. I have heard in countries like Syria that parents are getting their kids taking away just because of what they believe in. Imagine what the kids are going through and the parents. They are most likely horrified about what is going on with them and their families. They probably will never see their parents again. How can you help this? Just wait and see.

I don’t like the thought of terrorism because I couldn’t imagine people basing you on what you believe in. The Syrian refugees are getting so much hate still. They don’t deserve that. All they need is help. We in the US are paranoid about ISIS spies being one of the Syrian refugees. Just stop being paranoid because that is most likely not true. According to the Newsela article “No Syrian Refugees in our State,” we are getting more and more refugees each year. Why do we hate them? They need a home where they can feel safe, not in danger all of the time. We can give them a home. This is all because of what someone believes in. They are getting hurt physically and mentally. The Christians, Muslims, and everyone else who believes in something different from the terrorists and because of this they will not like.

Now I want you to think about this. What will all these people who are looking for help do without us. We’ve got to give them a home. Help these people. I want you to let the Syrian Refugees in.


Travis P., Pennsylvania