Kylie Pennsylvania

LGBT Rights

Be who you are. Love who you wish.

Dear Next President,

Same sex marriages are legal in all 50 states, yet it’s still argued about whether it should be allowed. I’ve seen many different articles on how LGBTs shouldn’t be allowed to be together, shouldn’t be allowed to keep their children, or shouldn’t even get the same respect and rights. I feel as if all LGBTs should be treated equally, get the rights they deserve, and be respected among all people the same way anybody else would. Just because of your religion doesn’t mean you should be separated by the one you love, right?

LGBT is a very controversial topic due to many different religions saying it’s non human-like but say Islam, Judaism, and Christianity weren’t a thing. If there were nothing telling anyone that it’s wrong, would you still be against the idea? You probably wouldn’t, for you wouldn’t even know that LGBT could be such a thing as “wrong.” If more people would think like this, LGBTs wouldn’t have to hide the fact that they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, bicurious, transsexual, or polysexual, for it is your tag, a part of who you are.

In the NewsELA article “Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Creates New Constitutional Liberty,” it features groups of people trying for equal rights for the LGBTs, how groups of people are trying for equality between the different sexualities. Few people fight for the right reasons, and this is one of those times. The LGBT community needs all the same rights as anybody else. We’re all people just with different perspectives on life, different religion, and all kinds of beliefs. If you want to get rid of same sex marriage or the community's rights, you're affecting all of these things and more.

Fight for the community's rights and acceptance, they need and deserve every bit they can get. The community has been fighting for its rights for years now, won’t you help them? If you're truly the US President, someone who people look up to and someone who helps, then help the community. Every little bit helps, and in the end, this will help make America great and allow us to be truly who we are. Help us, for it’s the victory the LGBT has been waiting for for decades.


Kylie S., Pennsylvania