Cassy P. Iowa


Refugees should be able to make a home in the U.S.

Dear Elected President,

Congratulations for winning the election and I hope you make a difference in my generation. To give a Iittle background about myself I am a sophomore that attends Panorama Community School District in Iowa. I would like to bring up a current issue, which is refugees. Due to the increase in violence and destruction in the Middle East people have fled their homeland in search of safety. Also in the case of citizens of Syria the people have no home to return to. Should we allow them to enter our country?

I believe we should let these refugees in our country because they are fleeing their homeland in search of safety. These people are NOT immigrants they are coming solely for the purpose of fleeing their war-ravaged country, and some have no home to return to. I don’t believe we should demonize and cut off a certain religion from this country. They may be Muslim but most of them are just innocent people and not radicalized terrorists. I understand how terrorists can blend with these people and attempt to commit acts of terrorism, but we do extensive backgrounds on the refugees. Even though some terrorists leak through the system there are still terrorists that are born in this country. For example, the Pulse night club shooter was born in this country, yet committed this awful act of terrorism.

I propose that we do allow refugees into this country with extensive screening and have quite a few reasons to back up my claim. First, this country was founded on the belief that we are truly free and that our gates are open to those who need help, If we close these gates to refugees we are going back on the principle that made this nation great. Second, I’d rather allow people to enter this country and not be terrorists then have them shut out and have them become terrorists. If we help these people they will see us as an ally and friend. If we don’t, we are considered a foe and then they’d have all the more reason to join ISIS.

The choice is yours,

Cassy P.