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Syrian refugees

Why we should be excepting more Syrian refugees

Dear future president.

I'm writing this letter to call to attention the issue of Syrian refugees. I would like to outline a few reasons as to why an issue of concern that should be addressed.

Did you know that the U.S. vetting system for refugees takes about 18-24 months and only half of the applicants actually get relocated in the United States according to time magazine. And if you are worried about these refugees being terrorist, out of the 4.1 million Syrian refugees that been accepted into willing countries only 3 have been caught having terrorist activities none of which led to an attack on American soil.

Time magazine reports that this vetting system is the most difficult one to pass ever. This vetting system has gotten so serious that reports that 67% of all the refugees in America are children under the age of 12 along with women. Meanwhile other countries are being very open to refugees, French president François Hollande declared that France will still keep its commitment of accepting 30,000 refugees over the next 2 years after the Paris bombing attacks.

Personally I feel we should accept more and more refugees for many reasons. One being these aren't just strangers that are looking for a place to stay. These are real human beings that have lost everything and some have been separated from their families. Look at Sana Mustafa, her family applied for a refugee pass and Sana was the only one that passed. She is now in a different country then her family and is fighting to see them once again. Secondly If we accept more refugees we will be saving more lives from the brutal civil war in Syria. Look at Faez al Sharaa, one day he was walking to work with a group of people and a soldier came up to them and accused them of being terrorist and held them at gun point. Luckily an old lady told the soldier that they were her relative. The soldier let them go, the next day him and his family fled the country to Jordan. He was then support to go to Sweden but then they stopped accepting refugees. Then he was sent to Finland then three months later he was resettled in America. If this system was more accepting we would have more refugees and there would be less death and violence in Syria for those who don't deserve them.

Thank you future president I hope this influences your opinion on Syrian refugees.