Liam S. Ohio

What can the U.S. do about Syria's Refugees?

Right now, there are countless refugees trying to escape Syria for many reasons. Some are running from their government, others are running from terrorist groups like ISIS, and some are running from the civil war currently taking place between the rebel fighters and the government. We as a country need to give these refugees a home, and a safe haven from death, or no one else will.

Dear Next President:

Syria has turned into the national spotlight for war zones, and many people know that this is a problem that will take many solutions to fix, as well as many years. I’m going to speak on behalf of the people, in order to fix this issue and guide you to help save these lives.

This problem is becoming a tangled web of problems that will be extremely hard to fix, and will take a while if we don’t do something now. Standing by will only further the problem, and ceasefires don’t seem to stop anything. Doing absolutely anything is better than doing nothing, and if we do nothing, innocent people will continue to die at your hands for standing by in fear.

Another problem is what we do with the refugees. Let’s be clear: WE HAVE TO TAKE THEM IN. This is not a choice, as refugees are going to die. The right wing side believes this will cause terrorism. Two things: one; This will absolutely not cause terrorism. Our border security will check them thoroughly, and it’s extremely unfair to say that because they’re from the middle east, giving refugees a home will cause terrorism. Two; refugees are not armed. And our border security will stop any terrorists trying to come in. This isn’t even a logical point, for the fact that refugees are not even the problem. Syrian-Russian attacks on innocent people while the United States, a large superpower, stands by, is.

We cannot just sit here afraid while the rest of the world cowers in fear, for we need to step it up and, while not causing war, stand up to those who are doing wrong. Whilst war is an issue, we can at least talk peace negotiations with Russia and Syria, and then if they do not accept the offers proposed, perhaps take further physical actions. These actions could include a no-fly zone, or perhaps arming and funding rebel fighters more than we already are. But, we cannot stand by and bicker over what to do about the genocide of the Syrian citizens.

If a person is being bullied, and things are getting serious, would you just walk past like nothing’s happening? That’s what’s happening now, when the United States is letting the Syrian citizens be Russia and Syria’s government’s punching bag, with talks of repercussions, but never any action. Why are we standing by? Because we’re afraid. We have no reason to be afraid. We can’t be afraid. We have to do something. Hopefully, you feel the same way. Thank you.



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