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The Statistics Of The U.S

Yes the deaths in our country have been controversial but is it fair to say black and white peoples deaths are different when they are the same not by race but by death these are the statistics of our Economy

Dear President,

My concern about the United States and for the leader of our country is can you make America a non racial and comfortable place for African American and Hispanic American citizens, As well as change the view on why Black and Hispanic deaths are more impactful to people than White peoples.

As far as statistics show, the death rates of African American people and White people are reflected in a huge difference; as in 2015 the population of the U.S consisted of 77.1 percent White people, Hispanic and Black people consisting of 13.3 percent. Of this population the death rates of Hispanic and Black people are at a 2.5 growth rate less than white people deaths from cops.

Out of the population of the U.S (320,090,857) about 381 Black people were killed from police brutality and other races 382, 732 White people have been killed by cops by and or Other people of race. But why has there been a more outrage in the U.S about Black people dying, why is this? Statistics show more that white people die but black people's deaths have more of an impact due to past racial differences and an ideology of racial differentiation being a thing still. I think this needs to be issued that White people have died to cops more than black people so people should realize the situation from those deaths and look back on what is more impact and what is not. And it needs to be shown to the public that these statistics might sound racist but it's an ideology of racism that needs to be solved. 

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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