Aisha Kentucky

we should let immigrants in

Immigrants would really help our economy in the long run.

Dear future president,

In my opinion I believe we should let immigrants in for war torn countries like Syria and other places. Immigrants desire to have a better life they should be able to and given opportunities just like you and me. Some reasons we should let immigrants in is that it could make our GDP higher than it even is now. Another reason we should let immigrants in is that later in life there kids can become even better professions like doctors, lawyers etc.

The first reason is that it could higher our GDP. That means our country will be even bigger and richer. This means that our country could know help the in this country that are very poor. Another reason a higher GDP could help is that it means it could help our economy demolish old building that are not used and build many more helpful things. Also if we build new building that could mean that there would be more places for people to live.

The second reason we should let immigrants in is that them or their kids could become professions like doctor and lawyer or even own a small business. If we have more people like this it means that there will be more places for people to work in the economy. Some people believe that if we bring in too many Muslims that our country will change into a Muslim country which is not true. There are 5-7 million Muslims in America and our country has not turned into a Muslim country.

In conclusion I would just like to say that we should let immigrants in our country. They would raise our GDP and give us people who can create jobs for others. And if we do let Muslim immigrants in it would not make our country a Muslim one. In the end I hope you stand up for this like I am going to.