Cody Oregon

College Costs

The cost of college is outrageous.

Dear Next President:

I am a student at West Albany High School and I have noticed that people going into college or people graduating college are having trouble financially. Going to college is a great thing to do but the debt that comes along with your education is not a benefit. The cost of college is at a skyrocketing rate and going up every year by hundreds of dollars. College needs to be cheaper because it is starting kids off with no money when they want to start their lives.

The amount of money that people spend on college is insane and colleges are making too much money from the incoming students. Colleges do not need this much money and it is ridiculous for people to spend as much money as they do for an education. Students and their families both suffer from debt after college.

How many new students attend college each year and how much money do colleges get from each student? I believe that students will be less stressed out all the time if they weren't in debt going into and leaving the college that they are attending. With the money that people spend on college they could be starting their lives and moving into a house but no, people have to live with their parents for years after they graduate to be able to save enough money to live their lives. More students will pay and attend college if it is cheaper and will stay in college for a longer period of time knowing that they will be getting their money's worth.

I feel that students attending college want to make sure that all the money they are spending will be worth it and will be able to stick with the same curriculum they started with because if you change subjects then you would have to pay more to study new things. If students know that the college they will go to has a good education then they will pay more to go there and attend the classes. If the student has a strong interest in their studies then they could stay for more years and the college will make more money. You must lower the cost of college because I believe that it will help the economy with jobs and a better lifestyle knowing that everyone can and will have the right education they want and deserve.