April H. Oregon


Racism is bad.

Dear President,

I’m writing this letter to you so I can talk about America’s biggest problem. The problem is racism in America. There is also people that are sexists and against other religions too. The discrimination is unacceptable. When Violence is also involved, that makes it 10 times worse. So far are some different versions of racism “race, religion, and, sex.”

The hatred of a race of people should and is unacceptable, for one. Plus it should be stopped. The race a person is can not be changed, and knowing that a person is willing to be hard on another person- because of what race they are is not right. The same is religion and the sex of a person; it is based on hate, and that is unacceptable. Even knowing that there are always going to be extremists in the world like the “KKK” for example.

Racism is a pressing matter in America, but there are 40 million people of different skin tone in America or more. Most in the southern states where most racism takes place. And they are people too aren't they. So as Americans, we have civil rights, so we have equal judgement and justice as the people in this country, too. It should not matter what race, religion, or sex some one is. People should be judged by their personality, actions, and identity. We should love our diversity, not see it as a problem. I means more to be an American than anything else. We work together and at times shed blood for the same coss so it should be seid that we are not that different than one another. Like Martin Luther King Jr. said,“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” He said this during -the Civil Rights Movement, and he also gave the “ I have a dream…...” speech in 1963. So let’s take his speech and make it a reality instead.

Plus, we took the 13 colonies and made it into a strong country. Built on freedom of speech. So if we stay fighting in our own country, then what are we? The 13 colonies fought the strongest country in that time, so would they frown at us then. We fell so far, now it’s time to climb out of that hole that we put ourselves in and make difference. Being different is what made us a very special country, so why are we trying to be like other countries then? We made this country so let's stay different then. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” in The Declaration of Independents.

People that are different should and have the right to be because we can make this country great. They just need a chance to speak. We as a whole country, can be better than anything. We haven’t been around long, but we can stay longer than any country in the world. If we just be ourselves we can do anything. It takes a great deal to make the people of this wonderful country to back you, but just try it at least.

You can at least can say you tried, so that will be a good enough for me. Racism is a terrible thing, so let us be different than the other countries in the world. So we should give everyone a fair chance at a wonderful life. It takes time, but we can try. Trying is also a right everyone should have too. This country was built by hard work, so what can’t we do?

We are different and we can make as much noise as we can, so what's stopping us? Let's be different and be unique, because it’s what makes this country better than the other countries. Let’s be heard and make noise. This can be a revolution, but it’s about love not war. If people would love rather than hate, what fight is there If you love everyone and everyone loves you too. People just need a chance, so give them time to speak. This is what I’m going to fight for and stand up for. The descrimination should be stopped in America. So I know you're going to make changes, so make them benefit the amazing people of the United States of America.