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Police Brutality

police brutality

Dear future President,

I am going to address you about one of the issues the United States has been facing for along time. Police Brutality. Police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Making sure situations don’t get out of hand. As citizen of the United States we are suppose to feel protect by police enforcement, but instead some are scared. Now some might say that not all police officers are the same but one cop's actions can affects all of theirs. Police enforcements are the civil force of a national or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. So for them to be killing and hurting innocent citizens of the United States instead protecting them is insane.

At Spring Valley High School a black female student was thrown out of her chair by a school resource officer in her classroom. The Officer Ben Fields was called to the classroom when the student refused to put her phone away and to leave the classroom when her teacher asked. He grabbed her and slammed her backwards to the ground and dragged her to the front of the room. Video footage taken by students in the classroom went on social media and immediately caused an outrage. Students in the classroom were shocked. But what makes me upset is that the teacher just stood there in the video not trying to help the student. On top of that the officer pushed her on the floor saying she was “Under arrest.” But for what? Students and graduates of the school reported that the officer at their school has been brutal like this for years. If teachers and staff knew this why didn’t they say or do anything? The fact that student and graduates reported this after this incident happened shows how scared they were. The Sheriff was stressed that this all happened when the student was being “very disruptive” and who refused to let the teacher continue class. The Sheriff reported that Fields actions was unacceptable and was fired days after the video went viral. As a student who is attending High School I can not believe was happened. She was just a kid but was handle her like she committed a crime. She was just on her phone and didn’t want to leave class. And is basically saying that he only got fired because the video went viral. This should not be happening at schools or anywhere.

A black 14 year old student that attends Round Rock High School in Texas was grabbed by the throat and dragged to the ground by a police officer in the school. When him and another student were shoving each other over a pair of sports goggles. When the school’s assistant principal and two school officers broke up the fight. A video published by KXAN revealed the boys incident. The police department claims that the police’s actions were to protect the boy’s own safety. The officer was not arrested. The student’s father said he plans to press charges against the officer for how he decided to handling the situation of the two young kids.

Police Brutality needs to end. This is something America has been struggling with for years. But has recently been getting worse. New research shows the number of U.S. police officers charged with fatal shootings has hit the highest level in a decade. A dozen of police officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter this year, up from an average for five years from 2005 to 2014. This research show that out of those police brutality cases only a dozen of them got justice. How does our system let so many murders walk away? When I think of police brutality I never thought it could happen in school. Just like in other cases police officers react in a violent way, but these were students. And the only reason they get fired is because of the videos students took that went viral or becomes a big deal. Officers are trained to handle situations at school like teacher. So they can’t say anything about how they handled the situations. All officers are trained to defend themselves in a non violent way and how to handle situation safely because that’s their job. The Police Enforcement can’t make a change and if they do it’s not gonna stop them from shooting people because some officers think that their batch gives them power. The only person that can stop this from happening is you. So how are you gonna stop citizens of the United States wrongfully getting hurt or killed by the people who is supposed to protect them?