Hunter L. Oregon

College Prices Are Too Much

College prices should be changed or at least have a better financial aid that doesn't have as high as an interest rate

                         College Is Too Expensive

Dear future president

I myself am a junior in highschool, and I’m starting to think whether or not I want to go to college. The average cost of college is $16,999 according to The Mayo Clinic. Seven out of ten college seniors go into debt because of student loans according to The Institution For College Access And Success. I myself am going to go into debt because of how expensive college is. The price varies whether you go to a 2 year college vs. a 4 year college same as with in state college vs. out of state college. That doesn’t include the cost of books, dorm fees, etc. Mr. or Ms. president you can help make college more affordable for students by making a better financial aid one that is appealing for students.

If college was at least a little bit cheaper, then more Americans could afford to get a higher education level beyond college. Or have a better financial aid option. The average American household income is $53,657 last year according to CNN, and most Americans don’t start saving up for their child's education until it is too late. College is a big thing that most high school students would like to do when they graduate highschool, but for some, it’s not an option due to the cost if they are unable to get financial aid.

We all have the right to go to college, but many are unable to due so due to cost, and as a result, we result to going into debt by getting student loans, then spend an average 21 years paying off the student loans according to Student Loan Expectations: Myth vs. Reality by Allie Bidwell. Mr. or Mrs. President, you can change this and make it more of an option for highschool students to go to college by giving a better kind of financial aid without as high of an interest rate. I would love to go to college, especially without debt, but that isn’t going to happen due to how much money you need to go to college.

The average cost of books for college is $1,168 and the average dorm fee is $8,887. Altogether that's $10,055 for just fees alone not even including the cost of tuition which various from $10,000-30,000 with the cost of fees you're looking at $20,055-40,000 for the cost of a college education according to The Mayo Clinic.

College is a big part in anyone's life, and it should be more common. Mr./ Mrs. President, please take a look at how much college expenses are and how much the average American makes, and please consider doing something to help get more high school students to go to college. In my lifetime, I hope to see the a better option for college financial aid instead, also I would love it if a better option for college financial aid happened before I graduated, so I could afford college more easily. Wouldn't’ you like a better option and or cheaper option for college?