Victoria R. Florida

Protecting Our People

We are starting new as a country with a new leader and I feel as though it is vital that we don't loose track of what is important, the people.

Dear Our Future President,

These elections have been absolutely insane over the past few months. It seems like no one knows who or what he or she are going to do when it comes to who they are going to vote for. There has been constant back and forth from both the democratic and republican side. I can’t wait to see the changes and outcomes that will help improve our government and society. The vast majority just hopes for a person that will do well on the part of the people.

Our society is shaped around our people and their attitudes and views towards what goes on around them. The choices that you make will greatly affect us in either positive ways or negative ways. Choosing positions that are agreed upon by the majority will only work in your favor. Nothing but problems come from the people not getting what they want/feel is right.

It seems like lately there has been a newfound hatred of blacks by cops, leading to several cases of police brutality towards blacks. Black Lives Matter is one organization/group that has been using protesting as a way to “go against” the government and get their message of a want for equality towards blacks across. There are some cases of people that claim to be their followers even going as far as rioting and destroying property. The group does not want to promote this destructive behavior, but they are doing what they can to get the government to listen and help solve this discrimination towards blacks.

Not only has there been problems with discrimination in the black community, but also in the LGBTQ community. With the mass shooting in Orlando, over the summer, the community doesn't feel safe and are looking for equal rights for themselves. Many people who aren't used to growing up with people who embrace their sexuality in such a way don't treat them as equal and it is causing a lot of upset. As well as those who's religion prevents them from believing that "Love is Love."

There should be more attention to what we need as a whole than trying to force us into a certain direction. Having a relationship in which we don’t trust the government can in no way have a beneficial outcome. When you are thinking of laws that “should” be passed, you should go to the people for their opinions on how it would help, rather than taking the initiative and assuming if we will agree or not. You will not be able to please everyone, but making most of the population content can be the most advantageous result.


Victoria Rodriguez, Student at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning

Mourning Senior High School

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