Daniel G. Iowa

2nd amendment

Protect gun rights, don't ban guns

Dear Future President,

I am going to talk to you about the 2nd Amendment and why I support the right to bear arms. This is a major concern to me with all the terrorism going on around the world. Also, with the conflict in the Middle East, if something does breakout, Americans need guns to defend our homeland.

Gun rights is a concern for many, with strong opinions both for and against the right to bear arms. There are hate groups around the U.S. I would not feel safe if they were in my hometown, and I think a gun is the best defense to my family and me. Also, with terrorism in the Middle East, if they want to take guns away from Americans, they should take the guns from the people trying to harm us instead of provide them with our own guns.

There is a lot of talk about how guns are causing 12,942 deaths in 2015. People do not realize that mass shootings account for only 2% of gun-related deaths. The main argument against guns is that people have guns is to cause harm. To me, this is like saying spoons are only used to make people fat. There are many other reasons for guns, instead of always saying they cause harm. 50% of all gun deaths are caused by colored men in poor, segregated neighborhoods. If anything, we should work ot eliminate gangs and hate groups that will shoot someone else for wearing the wrong color clothing.

Thank you Mr. President for your time, and I hope you have a successful presidency. Your skills and knowledge will take you far in life, and it was a good idea to run for president. 


Daniel G.