Nic B. Iowa

Gun Control

Letter to the POTUS about gun control

Dear Next President,

I am writing this letter today about the 2nd Amendment involving the right to bearr arms and gun control. Guns are very important to people in the U.S. They use them for hunting as a means of getting food to eat. Unfortunately, some people in the U.S use guns for crime. That said, guns also prevent a lot of crime because people use them in self-defense. It is a statistic that guns prevent over two million crimes each year.

I think that there should be some precautions before getting a firearm, but at the same time, someone is going to get it whether they get it from a store or the black market. For example, a convicted felon can’t just walk into a store and purchase a gun; however, he can easily get it on the black market. It’s kind of like drugs. People are going to get their hands on drugs whether it’s from a doctor's prescription or from a sketchy drug dealer. In other words, if someone wants something bad enough, they are going to get their hands on it.

In conclusion, I do think there should be mandatory background checks; although, I'm not certain how effective they will be with the black market out there. It’s not just like this with guns; it’s like this with any weapon. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that people are going to get guns no matter what red tape is in place.  Bottom line: guns don't kill people, people kill people.


Nic B.

North Fayette Valley High School

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