Christian California

Believe in others!

In this letter I will be talking about different issues in the United States. I say some pros and cons about higher education and my opinions about each candidate.

 Dear President,

I would want to tell you things on some certain topics. Like I would like to talk to you about the education issue. 

I have seen two different stories on how to make higher education better and how it would help so many people all around the United States. One story that I heard was that they wanted to eliminate college tuition to all the families with the income under $125,000. That will make it easier for other families with not that much money to get into colleges and get a career that will benefit so many people in their families. But also that will lead to so many economic problems for different colleges around the United States. The money people usually pay for tuition helps the college by making it better and teaching the students more better and getting resources that they need. That will benefit them and help them so much. But now that tuition might get eliminated, it won't bring as much money for the college and won't support it, also not knowing the best resources to help them with college.

On the other hand, other people say that they might do the opposite than the story before. They will make college more expensive which other families will need to pay more than you are suppose to currently. Also from that story a lot of people say that it can be a good idea because it will get more money for the college and can be beneficial to everyone and the college itself. The economy can be huge and people can get the best education with a good economic status. People will get better books, classes, teachers, libraries, etc... This will help so many students getting the knowledge they should get off a college education. But also paying for an expensive college can also bring you to more economic problems. Some people might not even be able to pay for college because how much it really cost. The more money colleges get the more better the college gets. But also that might affect the college itself by not having that many students because of economic issues.