Jordan California

Clean air is essential

Electric cars should be more accessible to make the air cleaner

Dear President,

The issue that is most important to me is air pollution because it affects millions of people and it is making us breathe in polluted air which is not good for our lungs. I believe electric car prices should go lower so it can be possible to be purchased by everyone to make our air more healthy for us. Also if we make electric cars more affordable for millions of citizens, it can help us advance in technology; moving people from  gas consuming machines will mean we won't worry about finding oil.

If electric or other alternative energy vehicles would help a lot so all the land the U.S uses for to find oil can be used for something useful. Also gas stations can also be used to help clean the air or station for the new vehicles. I think not using cars that run on gas can be helpful financially because you will not need to steal land for oil mines.